Afraid of RE/MAX?

                                 We were too, until we switched.
So, you’re probably not actually afraid of RE/MAX but it’s likely you have some reservations based on something you have heard. Here are some common misconceptions we have heard, once believed, and why they’re not accurate.

I’ve heard you called FEE/MAX, are you really that expensive?
At RE/MAX Synergy we have a very similar fee structure to other large real estate brands. Many of the top agents locally and across the country are RE/MAX agents. They are not only successful because of their sales ability but they are savvy business people. They understand the value of being a RE/MAX agent far outweighs the small fees that they pay. At RE/MAX Synergy we are very transparent about the costs involved in being one of our agents. RE/MAX Synergy can provide you with data showing less than one average commission more than pays for all your expenses for an entire year.

You charge a commission split and these small startups are very attractive because I would get paid 100% of the commissions.  

Have you ever heard of the saying 100% of zero is zero? Nationwide RE/MAX has over 17 transaction sides per person per year and at RE/MAX Synergy its 19 per year. Most of these startup companies have a devastating low average annual transaction count per agent, usually in the 4 to 6 sides per year range, that’s not a part time income. Keeping 100% of that is almost meaningless.

I don’t need a big real estate name behind me, I can do this myself.
Don’t ask us ask our agents but top RE/MAX agents across the worldwide network will tell you the brand helps them more than you would think. At Synergy our staff frees up valuable time by assisting our agents with their business from creating marketing materials for their listings to providing a concierge service staff member to help our agents grow. RE/MAX is the best-known brand in real estate and our agents know that helps them sell more real estate. They know their production will suffer if they try to do it all themselves.                                 

I heard RE/MAX is full agents with big egos.            RE/MAX Synergy was originally an ERA franchise for 25 years and were lead to believe this. The truth couldn’t be different, RE/MAX is full of hardworking, dedicated and incredibly fun professionals that have a passion for selling real estate. Our initial expectations were low when interviewing with RE/MAX as a brand. Looking back, we couldn’t have been more pleased with the switch.


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